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Aug. 20th, 2010

My list of things this weekend to do:

Mail out My little pony to Bee.
Clean bedroom some more.
Try to make more progress on costumes.

Miguel and I went to Fashion District last weekend. We picked up pleather for our megaman costumes. Halloween is coming up, so I should be able to find a pair of orange tights pretty easily. Otherwise, I can just order some online.

Saturday, we pulled down 16 boxes of my stuff from the shed. It's been up there for four years. A good portion was junk, I did find some old barbie dolls, beanie babies, and some other misc things. I have three boxes left to sort through since there's a bunch of crafting stuff in them. Bonus, I found my heat gun.

Mom, dad, and I were suppose to be going to the Red Bull Flutage tomorrow in Long Beach. But mom may not be going because she fractured her ankle on Monday, so her ankle may be bugging her to much for the event. Also, I have so much cleanng to do.

Also, our pipes are clogged. Our pipes are a little weird. The kitchen, and the two bathrooms are on the same side of the house. But the kitchen and the bathroom farthest from it are on the same sink piping, but the bathroom in the middle is on different piping(probably because it has the shower)

So right now it's the kitchen sink and the farthest bathroom's sinks that are clogged.

Also, Miguel has been broadcasting his Nuzlocke runs, and has the mic set up. We do pokemon imitations together for the people watching. I can do most of the cutesy pokemon imitations, but sadly, I sing the jigglypuff song off key. :( But we make a great Diglett and Dugtrio combo. :D

Cospuray, cospuray

I've started working on my costumes for ALA.

It's Megaman ZX model L.

and Belle(the one on the right) from Pokemon:Black/White

So, so far. I have one comfy costume, and one difficult costume.

Let's do this!

Anime Expo

Okay guys, just to give a heads up. I'll be at AX.

I'll be there Saturday and Sunday, at the Funimation booth.

I'll be in Tokiko from Busou Renkin.

Can't wait to see everybody there!

Becky wants


Becky wants. Becky wants VERY MUCH.

Somewhere, the fanboys rejoice

Please, for the love of god. Let this not be a lie.





Apr. 12th, 2010

Dad has a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

He's been having issues the past couple days with shortness of breath.

Just what we need, MORE freaking problems. :/

2 Years today

We first met two years ago at ALA.

To this day in March, two years ago. When you got that push to say you liked me.

Through the good times, and the bad. Through the smiles and the tears. We've been together.

The day we went to Walmart, and bought the ring, and you put it on my finger in the parking lot.

To the years we plan to spend together, and the life we plan to build.

For all the times we've butted heads, the tears shed, and the sorry's we've always said.

I love you. More then the words I say, or type. "How much do I love you?" Then answer is always the same. "More then I can count."

This is to you Miguel.

My someone just for me.

I has a taco!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Say hello to Taco.

The newest edition to our house.

He's now my parents dog. Mom took him after his original owners couldn't keep him. He's about 5 months old. When he gets old enough, he'll be getting the rest of his shots and fixed.

So cute!


etna pop
For those of you on my buddy list who have and still use their myspace account.

DO NOT GO TO MYSPACE. Apparently there is a SEVERLY nasty worm running around right now on myspace that will completely jack your system up.

Directly quoted from Beechan2's livejournal.

"MySpace is spreading around some kind of virus that anti-virus and anti-malware software can't detect. This virus WILL hijack your bank account (it did this to me last night), it WILL hijack your registry, it WILL hijack your browser, it WILL remove your ability to run executables or unzip files, it WILL make your machine bluescreen, freeze up and transmit your personal information to Pakistan, and it WILL turn your computer into an $800 doorstop, and it WILL do all this with your anti-spyware and your anti-virus humming along happily in the background.

This virus installed itself onto my system which has been a clean system for many years. I don't have warez on this system. I don't download music or movies. I run antivirus software and Spybot in the background, with periodic updates and scans. I went to MySpace Music and got SLAMMED within 2 minutes of being on there. I caught "Antivirus Soft" which is a BAD worm.

Malware Bytes did NOT remove this thing. Microsoft Security Essentials didn't even SEE it. I have had I-don't-know-how-many-people tell me to run MSE, that MSE will catch it; I'm sitting here telling you, IT ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT. So you go ahead and browse MySpace with MSE in your tray. Just don't come crying to me when your computer goes wacky on you.

Running new software on the affected machine is a moot point anyway, because I can't unzip anything or run executables (.exe) files on it. Permissions have all been removed from all accounts, including Administrator. The machine is going to the shop tomorrow to get important files backed up (because it is literally paralyzed, I can't do a thing on it, the guy is going to use some special disk tools) and then the whole thing's getting wiped."

I haven't touched my myspace account in ages, Miguel doesn't use his anymore either.

For those that still do, do not go if you don't want your computer becoming a nice doorstop.

Updated cosplay list.

Plenair charge
Added a couple cosplays to my planned list this year.

Honey from Fighting Vipers.

Honey isn't planned for anything paticular. However, I'd like to start on her this year, so maybe I can wear her to ALA next year. The costume's going to be made of something like PVC/Vinyl. So I'd like a cooler con to stay comfortable.

and the other one is

Zelda from Link to the Past

I've been organizing my fabric, and it looks like I already have enough to make the costume. I'm hoping to have it done in time for SoCal picnic. Because then I can have it as a backup costume for Fanime, in case I don't finish other costumes so I at least have something to wear.